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Born in Jamaica and raised in America, I've had the delight of being exposed to best of both worlds when it comes to food and restaurants: delicious flavorful Caribbean dishes  and  avant-garde venues. I relish the total experience of trying new restaurants and foods. 

And while most foods can simply satisfy your hunger, this blog offers more than just that, if offers an experience on a food and restaurant journey to meet the needs of selective palates and refined desires.  

My goal is to share my experiences  with you and offer frank restaurant and food reviews; because looking up a restaurant online and checking stars doesn't really capture that the entire picture of what to expect if you're going to be trying a new restaurant. And if you're anything like me, you know that if the food, hospitality and atmosphere isn't right, then the whole event becomes a disaster.  I enjoy restaurants that appreciate their customers so much that great effort in put into each meal, thoughtful consideration is put into creating a cohesive atmosphere, they offer a variety of dishes to suit the  vast and selective appetites of their clients and pride themselves in  providing extraordinary customer service. These are the ingredients that make patrons keep coming back for more.

So with that being said, I'm very excited to take you on this adventure with me and share my thoughts.

I hope you enjoy!



Two great hot spots in Alanya: White in White Club - a Daytime scene, with house music mix by the DJ, coand laying by the pool; later in the evening the restaurant comes to life with tables filling up quickly, a lot of dancing and each night ends with the spectacular fireworks show. 

Soul of Coffee has a retro chic vibe, a mixture of black metal and "antique looking" wooden furniture with bright colored velvet accent pieces, lounge music playing the in the background and the sounds of the ocean only a few feet away. 

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All reviews are not influenced by restaurant owners/ affiliates or paid promotions. I am not employed by any restaurant or dining establishment. Each blog post is a honest recap of my personal experience during my visit. I have no contracts or business arrangements to gain financially or otherwise with any of the listed restaurants or venues. 

 I do not own any outfits or clothing posted on this bog . For any questions or concerns about the clothing, please find the contact us page on their websites for further assistance.